A Rant Against the Pickup Artist Community

I don’t care about sex. By itself it’s just fleeting pleasure. Every time I have sex now I end up just wanting to cuddle and do pillow talk because what I’m really after is intimacy. I want to feel close to someone, share my innermost thoughts with them, have them care about me. Boning like wild animals is just an added bonus, it’s not the main focus. Never has it been more clear in my life that I need a girlfriend over a mere fuckbuddy.

Another mindfuck is that the more women I hook up with, the more I realize that pick-up advice is phenomenally full of shit. These really hot women I’ve been with tell me that I’m cute and come across as innocent, adorable even. This is exactly the opposite of how men want to come across: They want to appear as dominant alpha male badasses. And yet my being innocent and adorable is predominantly the reason they give for liking me. And I can tell that these ladies get more out of mushy, romantic pillow talk and moments of bonding than marathon sport fucking.

All this alpha male shit needs to stop. It’s a ridiculous misunderstanding of evolution. If being an alpha stud is so irresistibly sexy to women, how do you explain why they’re drawn to men who sing R&B, who ballroom dance, and who engage in other activities regarded as feminine? Sure, at the end of the day you still have to be a man who respects himself and has a spine, but these clowns who give pick-up advice take masculinity to a comical extreme. They don’t understand that women have different preferences, that there’s so much more to being a man than what’s conveyed through stereotypes of masculinity. They don’t understand subtlety or nuance about social dynamics. I feel so stupid for allowing my critical mind succumb to the corrosive influence of this sad, pathetic pickup community.

In my lack of social experience, I let pickup propaganda corrupt my mind. Every experience I have that contradicts their silly advice takes me one step further in the healing process, but it’s still amazing how deep this wound resides within me.

Because of pickup, I have been influenced to seek one-night stands and fuck buddies over meaningful relationships. I’ve failed to appreciate women for anything other than their physical attractiveness, effectively objectifying women constantly. I’ve neglected the value of friendships and even family. I’ve invested countless hours working out in the gym, going to night clubs I despise, making special trips during the day just to talk to women, all kinds of messed up behavior that pick-up actively condones. Pickup has reinforced a lot of my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy by insisting that a real man has to be extremely outgoing, charismatic and successful. You lose the ability to simply relax and enjoy yourself because a real man is devoting all his time to building his own business, or approaching girls at cafes, or some other activity to increase his “social value”. They make you despise the concept of mediocrity because they assume you must stand out just to have a decent sex life. They make you view the world through a very one-dimensional lens where you obsess about alpha behavior and how women respond to you. Everything about these guys are ass backwards. They practically look down on the concept of having a girlfriend in favor of pursing fast sex with promiscuous party girls.

What shocks me the most (or rather, what should’ve had me running for the hills a long time ago) is that a lot of these pickup gurus have highly conservative political views. Like Fox News level conservative. If you check the front page of returnofkings.com (a vile website that is unfortunately highly representative of the pickup culture), you will see headlines such as these on the front page:

  • Why Social Justice Is Satanic And We Need Religion To Defeat It
  • Pimping Techniques From The 1930’s Have Become Required In Modern Relationships
  • 35 Pretty Girls Who Became Fat And Ugly
  • If Black Lives Matter, Blacks Need To Stop Killing Each Other
  • The Multicultural Narrative Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes

I mean seriously? Pimping techniques from the 1930’s have become required in modern relationships? Can you imagine people who are brainwashed by this crap are in any way psychologically healthy? These guys are so hated that their site has been under DDOS protection for several weeks, and there’s clearly a reason for it.

I can’t say that I actually hate people like Roosh V. I think he’s a tragic figure. He’s the poster boy for a very common phenomenon: For whatever reason (being shy, socially awkward, playing too many videogames, etc), a man ends up sexually frustrated. He will enter his 20s without having sex, perhaps without ever having a girlfriend or even kissing a girl. Out of desperation, he starts searching the internet for information on how to pick up girls. He gets addicted to the literature he’s reading and starts applying what he’s learning. Inevitably, some of it works because these guys are encouraged to really play the numbers game. He has a chip on his shoulder because of all those years of being deprived affection, which leads him to obsess over pickup as not just a few tips on how to be confident, but rather an all-consuming philosophy on life. Born into this philosophy is a profound resentment for women along with a horribly utilitarian, almost sociopathic outlook of the world. And just like that a perfectly innocent man gets corrupted into a monster. Being desperate for affection is a very powerful motivator and it explains how so many men can get utterly consumed by this pickup cult.

The best advice I can give you is to not let yourself be corrupted by your desire for sex. Do not let your horniness or lack of affection turn yourself into a despicable person. Don’t debase yourself by sleeping with women you’re not attracted to just to get off or feel validation in your partner count or whatever other misguided reason you have. Imagine how you would go about your life if women didn’t exist at all. This is where you can see what are your true hobbies and passions, as opposed to activities you engage in just to score. Be picky in who you date to filter out women who respond to abrasive, asshole-ish behaviors.

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