Nobody Really Values Intelligence

As an introverted person, I spend most of my time stuck in my own thoughts. I read a lot, do web programming for a living, and have always been a fairly logical-minded person. People who possess these type of character traits tend to value intelligence, rationality, science and basic facts as almost the guiding principles behind their philosophy of life.

I’m beginning to realize that such people are an embarrassingly small minority of the general population. On the surface, it’s hard to argue there’s anything wrong with intelligence. You’d have a better time arguing that puppies aren’t cute or something equally ridiculous. And yet when it comes down to it, society doesn’t value intelligence… At all.

I’ve been beaten over the head with evidence of this at every turn, yet I’ve stubbornly refused to accept it. What can I say, cognitive dissonance is a hell of a powerful defence mechanism. But after reading an article called How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable, my mental façade has finally fallen apart like a house of cards.


Losing Weight is Fucking Hard

I’ve been making serious efforts to lose weight for at least 3 years, and have yet to find the success I am looking for. I’ve tried all sorts of diet variations: Ketogenic, Paleo, protein sparing modified fast, intermittent fasting, even intentionally high carb diets. I’ve accustomed myself to eating an uncomfortable amount of meat per day in order to reach the ideal protein goal of 1g/lb of bodyweight. I’ve tried running, lifting weights, cycling, tracking calories, measuring my weight on a daily basis and even using a heart rate monitor when I exercise. And even despite this obsessive devotion, I still remain over 20 lbs from my ideal weight.

No matter what variation of diet and exercise I undertake, I will end up going to bed hungry if I don’t run a caloric surplus. To have the type of caloric deficit required to lose 2 lbs/week requires that I consistently endure a starvation response, a total lack of energy and a terribly monotonous diet of pork chops and chicken breasts with vegetables. Every time I go to the grocery store, I have to resist stacking my cart with ice cream sandwiches and chocolate bars. I have to force myself to cook almost every one of my meals at home and measure everything I eat on a scale before typing the results into a spreadsheet.