The Real Reasons Behind America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic

There has been yet another mass shooting in the United States. In fact, mass shootings are so common in the U.S. that there have supposedly been 994 mass shootings in the past 1004 days, averaging almost one mass shooting per day. Yet, every time a mass shooting receives mainstream media attention, the discourse always falls into the same tired narrative that is completely reactionary and never addresses the root problem.

In these mass shooting incidents, the media only ever seems to focus on two core issues: gun control and mental illness. And yet, even with perfect gun control, people will still find a way to kill others if they have the intent. And even if you put countless funding into making high quality therapy accessible for those who need it, what does this do to address what’s causing this rampant mental illness to begin with?


First Impressions Working for a Large Corporation

I’ve just finished my fourth day at my career job, and so far I fucking hate it. What bothers me more than anything is the culture of this huge corporate environment. There is a certain assembly line quality to everything: every cubicle is the same, each containing the same computers, the same chairs, the same starting office supplies, the same monitors. Every computer has the same software, the same operating system, the same specs. The monotony of the environment is so striking that you feel like a member of the borg. The vast majority of the employees I walk by in the halls or in the coffee room are much older (easily in their 40s) and look lifeless and depressed. You get the sense that this corporation has sucked the joy out of their life and now they are rotting away in their cubicles, completely subservient to their bi-weekly paychecks. Nobody really socializes outside of their department or offers so much as a smile in the hallways. The decorum and atmosphere is dreary and uninspired. There isn’t the slightest sense of excitement or any profound emotion beyond laziness and apathy.