Nobody Really Values Intelligence

As an introverted person, I spend most of my time stuck in my own thoughts. I read a lot, do web programming for a living, and have always been a fairly logical-minded person. People who possess these type of character traits tend to value intelligence, rationality, science and basic facts as almost the guiding principles behind their philosophy of life.

I’m beginning to realize that such people are an embarrassingly small minority of the general population. On the surface, it’s hard to argue there’s anything wrong with intelligence. You’d have a better time arguing that puppies aren’t cute or something equally ridiculous. And yet when it comes down to it, society doesn’t value intelligence… At all.

I’ve been beaten over the head with evidence of this at every turn, yet I’ve stubbornly refused to accept it. What can I say, cognitive dissonance is a hell of a powerful defence mechanism. But after reading an article called How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable, my mental façade has finally fallen apart like a house of cards.


Losing Weight is Fucking Hard

I’ve been making serious efforts to lose weight for at least 3 years, and have yet to find the success I am looking for. I’ve tried all sorts of diet variations: Ketogenic, Paleo, protein sparing modified fast, intermittent fasting, even intentionally high carb diets. I’ve accustomed myself to eating an uncomfortable amount of meat per day in order to reach the ideal protein goal of 1g/lb of bodyweight. I’ve tried running, lifting weights, cycling, tracking calories, measuring my weight on a daily basis and even using a heart rate monitor when I exercise. And even despite this obsessive devotion, I still remain over 20 lbs from my ideal weight.

No matter what variation of diet and exercise I undertake, I will end up going to bed hungry if I don’t run a caloric surplus. To have the type of caloric deficit required to lose 2 lbs/week requires that I consistently endure a starvation response, a total lack of energy and a terribly monotonous diet of pork chops and chicken breasts with vegetables. Every time I go to the grocery store, I have to resist stacking my cart with ice cream sandwiches and chocolate bars. I have to force myself to cook almost every one of my meals at home and measure everything I eat on a scale before typing the results into a spreadsheet.


The Real Reasons Behind America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic

There has been yet another mass shooting in the United States. In fact, mass shootings are so common in the U.S. that there have supposedly been 994 mass shootings in the past 1004 days, averaging almost one mass shooting per day. Yet, every time a mass shooting receives mainstream media attention, the discourse always falls into the same tired narrative that is completely reactionary and never addresses the root problem.

In these mass shooting incidents, the media only ever seems to focus on two core issues: gun control and mental illness. And yet, even with perfect gun control, people will still find a way to kill others if they have the intent. And even if you put countless funding into making high quality therapy accessible for those who need it, what does this do to address what’s causing this rampant mental illness to begin with?


First Impressions Working for a Large Corporation

I’ve just finished my fourth day at my career job, and so far I fucking hate it. What bothers me more than anything is the culture of this huge corporate environment. There is a certain assembly line quality to everything: every cubicle is the same, each containing the same computers, the same chairs, the same starting office supplies, the same monitors. Every computer has the same software, the same operating system, the same specs. The monotony of the environment is so striking that you feel like a member of the borg. The vast majority of the employees I walk by in the halls or in the coffee room are much older (easily in their 40s) and look lifeless and depressed. You get the sense that this corporation has sucked the joy out of their life and now they are rotting away in their cubicles, completely subservient to their bi-weekly paychecks. Nobody really socializes outside of their department or offers so much as a smile in the hallways. The decorum and atmosphere is dreary and uninspired. There isn’t the slightest sense of excitement or any profound emotion beyond laziness and apathy.


A Rant Against the Pickup Artist Community

I don’t care about sex. By itself it’s just fleeting pleasure. Every time I have sex now I end up just wanting to cuddle and do pillow talk because what I’m really after is intimacy. I want to feel close to someone, share my innermost thoughts with them, have them care about me. Boning like wild animals is just an added bonus, it’s not the main focus. Never has it been more clear in my life that I need a girlfriend over a mere fuckbuddy.

Another mindfuck is that the more women I hook up with, the more I realize that pick-up advice is phenomenally full of shit. These really hot women I’ve been with tell me that I’m cute and come across as innocent, adorable even. This is exactly the opposite of how men want to come across: They want to appear as dominant alpha male badasses. And yet my being innocent and adorable is predominantly the reason they give for liking me. And I can tell that these ladies get more out of mushy, romantic pillow talk and moments of bonding than marathon sport fucking.


Smartphone Addiction

I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately, on the order of 2-3 hours per day. What I’ve noticed is people are dangerously addicted to their phones. On almost every block there is at least one person both walking and either texting, reading, or talking to someone else on the phone. Combine this with the number of people listening to music while engaging in these behaviors and what you see is a crisis of technological slavery. It’s a quiet epidemic because although this type of behavior is undoubtedly becoming more common, nobody seems to care. Everyone’s just complicitly getting sucked into this smartphone based coma without the slightest resistance.



Quit This Ridiculous Hate Mob Against Jimmy Kimmel

If you look on Jimmy Kimmel’s youtube channel, you’ll see something rather strange: Just about every single video has an enormous amount of dislikes. Usually when a video gets disliked that much, there’s a good reason for it. I had a look at some of the videos with 80% dislikes and didn’t see anything particularly wrong or offensive about them. Then I read the comments and saw a few mentions about pissed off gamers. It turns out he made a 2 minute clip taking jabs at the release of Youtube Gaming, a gaming service with heavy emphasis on streaming similar to


Is That All There Is To It?

For the longest time I’ve been suffering from existential misery. I get immersed in thoughts about how I ought to live my life, how my lifestyle should be, as though my current lifestyle were always inadequate. There’s always this deep rooted insecurity that despite whatever grand intelligence I think I have, I am going about my life all wrong.

Landing this new career defining job has caused a paradigm shift in the way that I think. Almost all of my life problems that I’ve had are about to vanish into thin air. I don’t need to be so frugal with my money that I always have to buy meat at the grocery store on sale. I can take a cab on the weekend. I can buy nice clothes. I can replace my running shoes that have holes in them. I don’t have to worry about going over my credit limit. And so on and so forth. All of these problems are, on the surface, practical issues revolving around how to live through poverty. But it’s not just that. This career frees me from the insidious dependence on my parents for financial support. Much of my adult life has been about achieving independence. Now that I can fully pay my own expenses, I have removed the last chain withholding me from being a truly independent adult. But beyond that, every experience that I’ve been deprived of due to insufficient funds has suddenly become available to me.


Nightclubs and Insecurity

I hate nightclubs. I find nightclub environments sleazy, overcrowded, chaotic, and can’t stand how the loud music ruins any ability to hold a decent conversation. And yet, for some reason I can’t come to terms with this preference of mine. I always try to believe that I’m just doing it wrong. If I figured out the night scene and could hook up with a hot girl every time I went out, my outlook would be very different. And when I see attractive women always flock to clubs like bees to honey, it makes me feel like I’m just wasting valuable opportunities again and again. And so every time I go to a club and come back home alone, I get very stressed out and cannot sleep despite the late hour. Even when I do hook up, it feels underwhelming and I continue to wonder what the big deal is. I’ve only ever had one truly satisfying one-night stand, but even that wasn’t particularly great because it was temporary. You have a night of passion and then it’s over. You move on with your life and nothing’s really changed.

I’ve tried going out just to have fun and not caring about hooking up, but it doesn’t work. I might have fun dancing like a buffoon for an hour or so, but then I get bored and undergo this mental shift where all I can think about is scoring the glorious poo tang. And then I’m reminded of all the bitchiness and outright hostility I have to deal with just to find a lady that’s receptive, and I can’t even be bothered anymore. I hate that since it’s virtually impossible to talk in a loud nightclub, you’re basically forced to grind, often without making eye contact. Most of the time I can’t even bring myself to do it because it just feels so primitive, borderline perverted and wrong, something only a total douchebag would do. And even if you can overcome this mental hurdle, the girl often leaves you after 5-10 minutes of dancing. So then you’re so worried about that happening that you can’t even enjoy that actual experience.